Used Scriv to finish a novel

Just wanted to throw out there that I’ve used Scrivener on and off since the early betas. 7-8 years? Maybe more? Always happy and intrigued by the program, I usually found myself back in the familiarity of Word for most short projects - which are a majority of what I’ve done over the years.

Over the last years, I’ve used Scriv as a collection point for different ideas as I’ve collected ideas, resources and notes. Last December, I had a storyline come together and have some time off, so I created a new Scriv file and started writing, collecting and moving notes into it as I progressed.

The writing process went really well and I finished the novel last Wednesday, starting editing/rewriting today. I’m very impressed with how much the program has grown and how many features I discover and put to use as I need them. My wife is quite happy I was able to compile to an epub file and she’s about halfway through the project.

I’ve told many writer friends, both on Mac and Windows, about the software and several have found it useful. Great product for writers and I can only imagine how the eventual iOS app will help me keep on working when out and about as ideas pop into my head (straight to Scriv in stead of idea > email > Scriv?).


Congratulations on completing your novel! I’m glad Scrivener was able to help in some small way, many thanks for the kind words.

And that is indeed the idea of the iOS app - at the moment I too send myself emails, but that should change in the next few weeks once I start testing the iOS app thoroughly…

Thanks again and all the best,

Thanks, Keith. Excited to be getting so much done after tinkering for years. Going well enough I’ve decided to set up a permanent “writing only” space. Built a Windows box from an older computer I used as a home theater system and just managed to get all of my files synced into place. Srivener, Dropbox, Chrome and my Notebooks app are installed and I now have a nice space where I can focus on fiction writing (my desktop Mac handles the music in the room) and to contain my writing mess.

I’m learning some of the more advanced features of Scriv. Glad to have an application that works to the needs of the writer instead of trying to cobble something from a word processor or cloud system. Time to go back and read the ebook I bought a few years back.

I don’t often share pictures on forums, but I’m pretty happy with my new setup. I built a custom ergonomic desk (needs to be painted after I raise it another inch or two, though my daughter may not like losing her scribble space) and I have a smaller monitor coming tomorrow (the one in the picture is from my desktop Mac and too big for writing - no joke, it really is too big to use all of the space) and I’m good to go. All that is left to do is add one of those hot water pipes and matcha jars like in Japanese sushi bars…

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

If you start using the vertically split editor, a wider binder, the inspector, the corkboard, or a number of very useful columns in the outline mode, you’ll miss having all that space.

I could certainly see that. The older monitor is 22" and fits a split view perfectly. Not too big, not too small. So I ordered a new 22" for my wife’s office and will switch the old one up here. I can always work on my desktop on the 27" if I need to, but being able to build a writing space and only buy an $8 video card (love those old Dell throwaways) and a $100 monitor (heck of a sale) is a deal. Though I will need to buy some software.

I really like that kerosene lamp - a nice touch.