Used the free NaNoWriMo trial and want to export my story to the full version

I used the special NaNoWriMo trial for last month’s writing binge and I’m going to be buying the paid version of Scrivener soon. Is there an easy way to move the project from the expired trial app to the new app? Or do I have to re-import all my files from google drive>

Your writing projects are separate from the app, much like a Word document is separate from the Word program.

Just download the “trial” version from this website and install it, then buy the license and enter the licence info into the trial version to make stop prompting you to register. From there, you just open existing projects via the File->Open menu, or by locating the project on your computer and double-clicking on the file inside your project’s .scriv folder that ends in “.scrivx”.

P.S. We strongly recommend avoiding Google Drive as even a passive storage place for Scrivener projects.