Used to be able to enlarge images in desktop Scrivener notes - has something changed?

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Has something changed re: Edit Image in Scrivener?

I used to be able to use Edit Image to enlarge the appearance of an image within a note. Now when I try to do this, I am still able to adjust the Horizontal and Vertical sliders, but cannot get a larger version of the image (it can still shrink, however).

Up to now, I’ve been using Scrivener to keep my art director’s annotated edits on my picture book illustrations (I’d paste his annotated page in JPG in my note along with text notes of my own) but since I can’t enlarge the image, I can’t read his art notes.

Help VERY much appreciated! Again, I’ve used past versions of Scrivener with no problems on previous picture book projects. Has something changed? Is there a setting I need to tweak?

Thanks so much,

Debbie Ridpath Ohi

By “notes” do you mean the main text editor? If so, it might be you’re using the new default fixed-width editor setting, which will keep images from blowing out of the margin area. The actual image can be sized as you need it to be, numerically speaking, but it won’t visually appear any wider than the fixed width view.

You can disable that view mode in the Appearance: Main Editor: Options tab, with the Use fixed width editor option. That comes with the downside of text now flowing all the way across the screen though. So you might also set the default width value to be the widest you would ever want an image to be (points are 72 per inch).

Alternatively, if you don’t want to actually make the image huge in the editor or sacrifice the display of the text just to enlarge an image temporarily (as it sounds like your use case is close to), try dragging the image from the editor into the header bar. Now you can zoom in as far as you like, use the pinch/zoom track pad gesture, pan around, etc. Make use of the second split for this if you want to work on the text as well—since it is a temporary display, it won’t be inserted into the history queue.


Yes, it was the new default fixed-width editor setting.

Thanks for your help!