Useful Feature: compiled file suffix on iOS

I use Scrivener for iOS to write articles on my website. There are, as of today, 180 separate articles in just one series of articles, since November 2020. I write them in Markdown in Scrivener iOS and then compile them to .md files, which are then run through Jekyll to build the site.

Scrivener insists on giving the compiled files the name “index.txt”, which, every day, I change to “” and every day, confirm the change, except on the days when I forget and then the site doesn’t work until I go back and rename the Scrivener compiled output.

It would be very nice if Scrivener iOS would let me specify the output file suffix when I set up my starting template. Thanks!

P.S. Do you plan to update the iOS version. Will you at least keep it working? Thanks!

Why is this greyed out?

I don’t know the answer to your OP.

About the grey–if you mean that this thread is grey for you in the iOS sub-forum list (and elsewhere), it’s likely because you’ve read to the end of the thread (in this case just your OP and now your grey question). I can confirm the same happens to me after I’ve read a thread, including this one. There’s some info below from a Discourse new user guide.

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Thanks on the grey. :smile: