Useless Eye Candy

Yeah it’s uselss but hey just wanted to throw this out there. If this option is already available then disregard my ignorance :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to either use a custom background image in place of the Corkboard image or have a selection with maybe two or three choices

(1) Corkboard
(2) Chalkboard
(3) White eraser board

for the background image.

I know it is useless eye candy and has nothing to do with utility or performance but I am one of those that likes to change the desktop background on my computer from the stock blue it came with.

Something about customer customization just makes me giggle and get all happy.


It’s your lucky day!

Scrivener/Preferences/Fonts & Colors—Corkboard Background

Off you go to get giddy.


I knew it was my ignorance! Yea!

Now time to get giddy with it.

Thanks Dafu for leading the blind. I honestly never saw it.