User Account Named Paddle-Paddle

When doing some administrative work on my Windows 11 computer, I stumbled across a user account named “Paddle-Paddle-(and some numbers after that)”. After some much-panicked research, I discovered that Scrivener 3 was using Paddle on its backend. Does Scrivener automatically create such a user upon installation? If so, does it need to remain on my computer, or can I delete it? Thanks.

First off: I don’t work for LL ; I am just a user, perhaps don’t fully rely on what I’ll say.

I don’t have such a user account on my computer. (Windows 10) And for all the years I’ve been using Scrivener, never had.

To my knowledge, all that the Windows version of Scrivener needs is the license key.

I would personally feel safe to delete this alien-ish account.

Perhaps just locate the key first and make sure it is secured.
Technically, if you kept the receipt email when you bought the license, it is in there.
And if somehow you lose it in the manipulation, just ask LL, they’ll send it back to you / help you recover it.