User definable backdrops for the corkboard.

JPG or PNG with an option to tile the graphic, and a choice of more colours.

And world peace! Don’t forget to include world peace! If you don’t include world peace in version 1.0, I ain’t gonna buy it!

[size=59]I think I’ve misplaced my kebab …[/size]


I intentionally limited colours to shades o grey (yeah, technically not a “colour” but a “neutral”, I know), to be consistent with iPhoto’s background. If you really want a custom background, you can open up the package (Finder > Show Package Contents) and then replace CorkboardPattern.jpg with a tiling pattern of your choice (using the same file name and extension, of course).
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There’s nothing ‘bloated’ about world peace!

How VERY dare you!

Actually, in the sober light of day, the idea sounds totally naff. Forget I said it; it was the fab night out talking …

Has somebody been watching too much Catherine Tate, perchance? :slight_smile:

I would if I could be bovvered …

tsk tsk!

All self respecting teenagers will be rolling their eyes and flouncing out of the room… bovered not bovvered! :slight_smile:

Mmm …