User Defined In-line Note Layers

Imagine that in-line (and document) notes could be assigned to user defined layers. I might for instance define an inline notes layer that is margin notes and illustrations that are to be included in the published book. Another inline notes layer might be workflow notes to myself. One layer might be for footnotes. Another for words/phrases/concepts to be included in the book’s index and or glossary. Yet another for bibliographic citations. I might define another in-line notes layer that is there only to communicate with my editor or publisher or a glossery colleague or co-writer. Filters would allow selective showing or hiding each layer or layer group.

That sounds more like something you’d see in InDesign, where you’re looking at an actual mock-up of the physical page.

Then you misunderstand my post completely. I am asking for a way for writers using scrivener to, in the process of writing, make inline notes and annotations and to see them scroll with the text they are anchored to. I am asking for a way to define any such note as any one of a set of pre-determined note types (foot note, bibliographic reference, printed (margin note, margin illustration, margin pull quote), index reference, keyword reference, glossary reference… and any user defined note indices or appendixes. The publisher would determine layout and treatment of any of this data, but the Scrivener user would be free to both create and track such in-line notes in an intuitive manner. This is not intended to be a layout tool. Its a specification tool. Content. Scrivener’s existing handling of user input, in-line reference specification is awkward and confusing. It is difficult to determine the difference between the many annotation options scrivener offers. In addition, all of the options are stovepipe and separate. Once a user has placed info into one of the annotation types, there is no way to adjust or alter or change the annotation type assigned to that information. Scrivener is a writing application, a composition application designed to allow a writer to concentrate on content and not layout or formatting. What I have suggested fits that model absolutely.


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