User-Defined Style for Lists Does not Add Bullets

Working on a PPC. Not a crash problem.

Wanted to define a style for a list (bullets) with a 3 point space after each para. Did this no problem, then defined it (including bullets) as a new style.

Then, tried to apply the style to new text in a different document. The style did change the spacing of paras, but did not add the bullets. However, in the “list” menu, the desired bullet option was shown with a check-mark beside it.

Re-selecting it added the desired bullets, but I think this should not have been necessary if the defined style was being applied fully.


I have to admit that I’m not sure about this one. Styles are the province of the OS X text system, so this should work exactly the same on TextEdit. Maybe one of the users who know a lot about using styles could answer this one…


I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure cocoa styles don’t support bullets. The whole list feature in cocoa is rudimentary at best.


Ah, thank you. I had been fiddling about like a maniac trying to find the bullet-option for cards…

I really like using bullets (or any available list-style item) to organise my thoughts in an at-a-glance fashion.

Would it be possible to add such a feature?


Synopsis cards are not actually full text editing fields, note you cannot embolden text in this field either. You can manually add bullets really easily though. Just type Opt-8 to get the bullet character. It is how I always made lists prior to OS X’s inclusion of a list feature.

Thank you!

I’ll go and try that right away.

[Edit] Stupid question: do you mean Apple key + 8?

Even without the bullet appearing, your tip helped already; typing Apple + - allowed me to use return within the same card. That’s something already!

Option Key-8 produces the little black bullet symbol. It’s often handy for separating text strings, like • this • and • like • this.

PS. the only dumb questions are the ones we don’t ask.

Thank you!

It turned out to be Alt-8 on my computer; works like a charm!

Alt/Opt are the same key on a Mac. For some reason, Apple prints Alt on keyboards in some countries, and Option on the keyboards of other countries, and both on laptops in other countries. They might be testing the idea of switching to Alt for switchers; but personally I think that would be a bad move. Alt/Opt does not do what it does on a PC. They already have things confusing enough with Ctrl not even remotely acting like Ctrl on a PC.

Anyway. There are a number of special characters you can type in by pressing Alt/Opt and a corresponding key. Adding the Shift key can access even more.

See! I told you it was the alt key!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

(This is directed towards those who made me change the documentation references from the “Alt” key to the “Opt” key - my keyboard says “Alt”, too, Viclitchick.)