User error or template folder bug?


I’ve been using the trial version of Scrivener but I’ve hit an issue with templates disappearing from the context menu.

Using the stock Novel with Parts template, I can create a character sketch using the right click -> New From Template -> Character Sketch context menu. I can also create a folder under the stock Character folder and the same context shortcuts are available.

If I create a folder at a higher level and drag it under the character folder, the context menu is reset and I can’t access the templates in the template folder any more:

I can sort of work around it by choosing the reset template folder option and re-selecting the original template folder, but that leaves weird artefacts behind. Consequently a) I don’t really trust it and b) it’s a PITA to keep doing.

Is this normal? It’s a bit of deal breaker to have to keep resetting these things so it’d be nice if it was user error! This is a brand new install of version on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.


This is a bug that crept into 1.8.6, which we’ve resolved for the next update. Until that is available, the solution I’m afraid is just to reset the Templates folder as you’re doing. It seems to be triggered by certain level change movements as you’ve described here, moving a newly-created root-level item down the binder, so once you’ve got a more stable outline you may avoid running into the problem.