user.lock File not being Deleted

I use Scrivener across a windows PC and my Mac, Auto Synced using Resillo Sync. SInce the most recent update I have issues after closing the Project on Windows. Once i try to open the project on mac it gives me the warning that the project is already open.

After some testing, it seems the Beta is no longer deleting the User.lock file on Project code. I have tested and verified this by manually looking at the folders, and the sync history that resillo has. In all cases, the Mac version would delete the User.lock file at project close, but the Beta Windows version did not.

I had this happen to me today [b14]

Closed the project properly on my desktop, but later discovered that the .lock file had not been deleted.

In Beta 14 we found a problem in Scrivener upon shut down, which resulted in Scrivener crashing and as a result not deleting the user.lock file. To workaround the problem switch to Corkboard or Outliner mode before closing Scrivener. This should close Scrivener properly and remove the user.lock file as expected. This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.