User manual missing

I’ve just updated 1.0.3. When I click F1, it says the user file in the Scrivener Resource folder is missing and to reinstall. I do that and get the same result.

Can I download the file from Scrivener instead?

The manual actually should be in your resources folder inside the Scrivener directory; the problem is just that the name got changed and the pointer from the Help menu isn’t finding it. If you go to wherever you installed Scrivener (probably C:\Program Files\Scrivener) and navigate into that resources folder, you should find something like “1_0-1b-manual-win-letter.pdf”. Rename this to “manual-win-letter.pdf” and you’ll then be able to access it from the Help menu (and the Getting Started category of the new project window). Sorry about the hassle! This should be corrected with the next update.

And to answer the actual question, yes, you can always download the manual directly from the support section of the website, in letter or A4 format: … ction-docs

Excellent response. Thank you.

I have 1.0.3 and I tried accessing the Scrivener Manual through Help-> Scrivener Manual and I got the error message that is attached below. Even using the keyboard shortcut produces this error message. Is this a bug or is this fixable without re-installing Scrivener?
error message.JPG

You can fix this without reinstalling Scrivener, as explained in the post two above. :slight_smile: You just need to rename the manual .pdf file in Scrivener’s resources folder. The next update should have this corrected.