User Manual Strangeness

With the NaNoWriMo pre-release version, clicking on “Scrivener Manual” in the Help
menu displays the file, Resources/UserManual.pdf, inside the program’s
package. But with the released 2.0 version, the same action results in a message
saying, “Help isn’t available for Scrivener”, even thought the UserManual.pdf file
is there, at the same location in both versions.

Why isn’t the UserManual.pdf file visible with the released version, like it is
in the NaNoWriMo prerelease?

You downloaded a test copy before we’d even released the app. We took the site down for several hours on Monday while we did several tests but some eager beavers snuck around and downloaded the new version before anyone else, but it wasn’t ready… We love eager beavers, but this time you got a version that wasn’t quite ready for release. :slight_smile:

Please just re-download and re-install.