User Poll: The Relevance of Polling

Are you the type of person that participates in an online poll?

  • Yes
  • No

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Are you?

Yes and no. :mrgreen:

Erm … er … depends … on how relevant it is!


So… um… that is to say, could I…
…no, that won’t work.

Suppose I try to…
…uh-uh, no dice.

What I’m getting at is, how do I say NO without participating, which participation would make a mockery of all I hold sacred and dear, would hold me up to ridicule, would shake the foundation of my cosmic beliefs, and would wind up as a minor statistic in some philosophy major’s senior thesis?

I note, in a final fit of dismay, that to post this reply I am obliged to press a button marked “[size=150]Submit[/size].”


My answer would be either nes or yo, depending on my mood.