What Scrivener 2.0 feature do you want delivered first after 1.0 is released?

  • EPub and .MOBI eBook generation from compile
  • peg-Multimarkdown & Latex support
  • Metadata
  • Multiple project notes
  • Comments and footnotes in inspector
  • Text editor layouts
  • Sync with Simplenote
  • FinalDraft import and export
  • Customizable icons for binder, cork board and outliner
  • Full screen background customization & free form cork board

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This poll runs for two full weeks. You may select your highest priority choice.
There will be another poll for your next three choices - unfortunately, this polling system does not enable us to put them in priority order.

You can change your vote at anytime during the next two weeks.


What is “Text editor layouts?”

I think that means the page view, where you flip from page to page as you write, like many word processors do.

None of the above. I want label color swatches in the Binder. Please see this thread:

As I understand from AmberV’s comments in that thread, this is not a Mac 2.0 feature, but was implemented on the Mac before 2.0. Sure it’s not a flashy, back-of-the-box marketing feature, but it sure would help me organize my writing and allow me to see at a glance where I need to focus my attention.

I voted. Truthfully, I don’t know what several of those options are (yet).

I voted for full screen color customization but what I really want is to be able to set background color and text color in the regular editor - not full screen.

Definitely .mobi and .epub files. I would die of happiness.

Like Metonymy, none of the above, at least not at the moment. Two other things would make life easier for me:

  1. Return to same position on a document after having selected and viewed other docs in the binder. For example, if I edit file10, then I go and check something in file6 and file7, then come back to file10, I’m always returned to the top of the page, not to where I was last editing. I then have to find my place again.

  2. When I do a search I get a list of items in the results. I can edit text of course but sometimes I want to find where the document is located in the binder, perhaps to move it. Sometimes I can’t locate it, as I often have a lot of documents in folders. Is there any way of telling from the search results where a document is located in the binder? I haven’t worked it out if there is.

Re #2 I haven’t found a way to do this for search results as ‘reveal in binder’ does not appear to be available. I’ll keep looking.

Unless I’m misunderstanding you, I think this does work.

1 - With a collection showing, select a document
2 - Select View/Reveal in Binder
3 - Select the Binder tab in collections
4 - The selected document is showing.

Is that what you were after?

Yes. Thank you for that information.

Also just noticed you can select multiple documents and they’re all selected by ‘Reveal in binder’

I’m for this, too. I voted for the nearest thing, which was icons in the binder.

Ditto this.

Thanks andygrunt! Problem solved. I felt sure there must be a way, but I was fixated on a right click option or some other key method rather than the obvious of looking under View!

Scrivener continues to reveal more and more great functionality the more I use it.

Totally my top choice for next feature!! :slight_smile:


None of the above. I want this:

I would die of happiness.

Also, I don’t know what a lot of the options are. I’ll probably vote for a thing that sounds like I want it …

How about Typewriting sounds. If not where can I get them?

I used to use Jingle Keyboard on my old Win XP laptop and it worked well. Not tried it with Win 7 though.

There doesn’t appear to be any mention of QuickReference Panels on this list. Are they planned to be included over the next six months, or further off?