Okay, we have implemented font and background color for the editor i.e. full screen as well.

You’ll now be able to edit many aspects of editor, project and document notes now including font size, colors, backgrounds etc.

Lot’s of bugs coming in so it might take me a while to get through reading them all and get this into an update. But it’s done.
3-1-2011 3-47-32 PM.png


Yes, quickreference panels will come sometime after one is launched - it has not been forgotten.


Typewriter sounds:

Cool idea but likely to hinder performance for the slower machines. As a future option maybe?


That looks great, Lee. :slight_smile:

Oh, and we fixed returning to same position in document - well not the exact cursor position, but same area of the page.


Heh. Just wait until StaceyUK sees this…

:smiley: Yeah, this was a special one for her.

blushes Well thank you…

The .mobi and .epub exports would allow me to use Scrivener as my main writing program, so I’d be big in favor of those. Also would make it easier to take my drafts along with me on my iTouch and Kindle.

And that’s the feature I most drool over when I wander by the Mac features page…

I’m keen to be able to setup and use document templates as I’ve seen in the Mac video tutorials i.e. creating a template (e.g. a default text document or a character profile sheet), assigning that to be a template (in a folder I’ve assigned to be the templates folder) then being able to click the down arrow in the big green ‘+’ button and select from a list of my templates (i.e. the docs in my templates folder).

I know I can do several parts of this manually but it’s a faff and I’d much prefer to create and manipulate document templates as I’ve seen is possible in the Mac version.

I can’t see that in the list of wanted features – is that coming? Soon? Is it considered a 2.0 feature or a basic feature that has just been overlooked so far?

In the video, being able to assign custom icons to docs and folders seems to be a closely related feature so in the poll, I’ve selected ‘Customizable icons for binder…’ as my most wanted feature in the hope it includes the document template functionality.

Actually, I’d like the revision pens first out of everything but they don’t seem to be an option on the poll.

Another vote for “Export as EPUB”!

Definitely agree. Though I suppose a split-pane approach would work in the meantime (or maybe better). Keep your main document open in one pane and use the other to explore other documents.


I agree that color icons and swatches in the binder/project explorer would be super helpful. Would be great to see them in the Outline view as well.

I was comparing Scrivener to a Word pluggin called WritingOutliner. Although Scrivener still seems to be the better solution, the WritingOutliner people did a superb job color-coding the project explorer and Outline view. “Status” and “Labels” are color-coded in both areas. I also like the spaciousness of their Outline view layout and the colored icons that indicate whether it’s a file or a folder, etc.

Makes it super easy (even downright pleasant) to quickly scroll through and see where attention is needed. Lots of info packed in there without feeling the least bit overwhelming.

Take a look at the uploaded screenshot. Some pretty good ideas.

(Sorry for breaking the page layout with my graphic)



I have removed the graphic as it was simply too large. Beta 1.9 already offers the functionality you requested regarding the color coding in the outliner, corkboard and binder. Adding spacer and grid lines etc. is trivial.

Simply select: View>Use Color Label in…"

Thanks for the feedback.


the ability to add web sites via the contextual menu.

is that already there?

if it is, I should report a bug.

if it isn’t that would be an incredible feature.



Nice! Looking forward to seeing the new version.



Hey Lee, long time user first time poster, et cetera.

I’ve had the good(?) fortune of not actually running into any show stopping bugs throughout the months and when I have, I’ve found somebody else beat me to the punch, so my apologies for popping up out of the blue!

If this is ‘pie in the sky’ business, please disregard and I’ll make a note of it later when we’re actually wishlisting for real, but I wanted to bring it up as it is essentially resurrecting old ‘buggy’ behavior that I was especially fond of.

Namely, back around 1.2 or so, you adjusted it so that the fullscreen view appeared where the main application had focus instead of Display 1, which is logical behavior. Thing was (and is), I find being able to spread the application over two monitors to be amazingly cool. It’s great being able to write on primary and root through research on secondary or vice versa, depending on my mood. You can recreate this behavior presently by making the application span displays with the majority on the side you want the fullscreen to appear, and then just dragging it out from behind the fullscreen onto the other display, which works, as kind of a kludge. The downside is if you ever pop out of fullscreen for any reason you have to do it over again to recreate the setup.

I guess, ideally, it’d be pretty cool if there was a dropdown in the options somewhere to select what display fullscreen mode set itself on. I’ve seen other applications be dynamically aware of # of displays, but I have no idea how feasible that is here or how much of a pain it’d be given that you’re in crunch time. Honestly I should have mentioned it months ago but I’ve been neglectful of recent releases due to outside junk. :frowning:

Beyond that, I guess I’ll suck up while I’m here: Thank you so much. I’ve long hoped to see Scrivener on Windows but had essentially given up. I’ve been watching the progress of this and using the betas extensively, much to my continued delight. You’re amazingly great with the community and your love for the project shows again and again. Can’t wait for the full release and to see what the future brings.

Not sure if it is in there already, and it is possible with an XML export, but I would like to see an export to Adobe InDesign.

XML is not in yet at the interface level, but do read the credits in the about box, there is a section on how to install and use peg-multimarkdown, which can take a properly formatted Scrivener file and turn it into an XHTML file, which can be further processed to another XML format with an XML processing language. Integrating this with the interface is something on the to do list, so this method described in the credits is a temporary workflow for now.