What should Scrivener’s Default i.e. 100% Zoom be set at?

  • 100%
  • 110%
  • 115%
  • 120%
  • 125%
  • 130%
  • 135%
  • 140%
  • 145%
  • 150%
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The poll is above. Please note the new Zoom default regardless of what is selected i.e. 100, 110, 115,120,125,130,135,140,145 or 150, will become the default 100%. Sounds a bit strange but if you read my comments below I think you understand what I’m asking here. the poll will run for the next four days and you can change you answer at any time during that period. YOU WILL NEED TO RUN THE CHECK FOR UPDATES ON THE HELP MENU TO UPDATE TO BETA 1.8 TO SEE THE ADDITIONAL ZOOM INCREMENTS OVER BETA 1.7.


Font size in Scrivener now renders correctly to Windows standard 96dpi. Previously, they rendered to 72dpi which is the default Mac standard. Now that Scrivener renders correctly for Windows and Linux I believe?, there has obviously been a ~1/3 reduction in the font size compared to what was there before. If you had never stored any work previously in Scrivener - I doubt this would be an issue?

Font display size is a very subjective thing. For example, take a look at Windows and Mac Scrivener side by side with identical screen resolutions and font face and sizes below (it’s an old black MacBook not a PC simulating a Mac). As you’ll note, they are pretty much on par - Windows is slightly bigger. Windows is rendering at 96dpi and Mac at 72dpi - as they should be. Please note THIS MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO PRINTING OF THE TEXT - it will always print correctly, we are talking about display only. I’m sure that many of you have HiRes monitors which again would make the 96dpi font look even smaller.

Now lets take a look at Windows Word, WordPad and Scrivener side by side all rendering the same font face and size side by side:

You’ll notice that Word and WordPad appear bigger. This is not because they are rendering precisely like Scrivener, it is because they are using slight zoom magnification to make the font appear larger than it really should be - nothing wrong with this.

The bottom line is, Scrivener can do they same. Please don’t go changing all your font sizes just yet. Simply apply a zoom factor i.e. 125% and Scrivener will remember it for next time. Okay, that’s the tactical fix. The strategic fix is that this community vote for what level of zoom they wish to apply to Scrivener by default i.e. we set the 100% zoom factor to be really 110% or %125 or whatever. This is all Word/WordPad is doing i.e. their 100% is not really 100%, it might be 120% (my guess). I will create another post purely for the polling on this question as it’s not really my call. The largest number of votes will become the default. It’s simply a two line code change for me.

Thanks for the explanation Lee. What zoom size would make it the same as before, though? Because I tried zooming in and at both 110% and 125%, it’s smaller than it was before, but at 150% it’s too big? Basically I just want it to be the same as it was before, even if it means changing back to 72dpi …

EDIT: I’m guessing that would make the zoom at 131% or something? If so, it would be nice if we could have a more ‘in-depth’ zoom, right down to the 1%, so we could get the size we want …

I’d like to second Wonder in just wanting our previously stored work in Scrivener to look like it did before. The changing the zoom as a tactical fix is a nice work around but doing so changes the way the font looks and I believe we all have the fonts we prefer to work in because of the way they look.

I’m not LAP, but I don’t think LAP changed the zoom size between the versions*. My guess is he changed it so that the rendering of font is now 96dpi (adhering to the Windows standard, which makes sense to me since this is a Windows version of the software), instead of 72dpi (the Mac standard). I believe the zoom was always at 100%, it’s only the dpi that has changed and this affects how it looks on our respective screens.

Above long paragraph, shortened: There is no previous % setting to go back to because it hasn’t changed. It’s still 100%.

What we can do (as I think LAP is trying to do) is to reach a consensus on which zoom % will bring us back to the previous appearance as close as possible. It’ll be an approximation, but it’s still a decent compromise.

Right now, 125% looks to bring me back to my previous appearance, but I’ve got a few machines which different display setups, so I’ll check out Scrivener on those first before putting in my vote.

  • disclaimer: I could be very wrong, though!

So do I… :smiley:

If it all get’s too hard, I’ll just add a setting in the options for users to augment the true rendering to whatever they want as a default % - this can be granular down to 1% increments.

This way folks can just set it to what they want. At least I think this should be possible. I need to check this, but I can’t see this being an issue.

Not every issue is suited for a user poll. I think that most users here are not going to understand this particular one well enough to make an educated vote. So my vote would just be to have Lee do “what is right.” Choose a default based on standards and technical reasons, and give us the right tools to modify our environment as needed and everyone should be fine.

I might be doing something wrong, or missing something (and I’ve been sick so this is likely), but even when I set the zoom to 125 %, the text that I enter into the Synopsis card is so tiny that you can barely read it. And I don’t see any way to make it larger.

This is easily fixed, simply choose from the edit menu Option> Cork board tab and change the text size for the index text - see screen shot below:

Apologies, I think I re-set the poll when I added the addition zoom increments - sorry.

Yes, okay that fixed it :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thanks Lee, that fixed it for me as well. What about the document notes though? Whatever I do the font is still tiny …

As a primarily Windows user who opens and edits many documents from many sources with a variety of tools, it’s important to me that look and feel is consistent between those apps. Scrivener is just too useful to not start working into my day-job toolchain, and if it doesn’t behave like – or look like – Word and other “standard” text editing tools I will have a much tougher time convincing my peers to examine and purchase it.

Converting existing text one-time to deal with a one-time DPI rendering switch is a moment of pain that is quickly over. Having to switch zoom levels from a non-standard default is a small aggravation repeated over and over, and those are the ones that people just can’t adjust to.

The zoom does not , currently , operate across all the various windows available on view. You will have seen my comments on the previous thread when the 1.7 was launched.

In common with some others here I would prefer the overall visual display that we have had prior to 1.7 … I for one know no different as I am only familiar with the various Windows Beta versions.

Umm… can’t the app check the screen size and resolution and render the display so when zoom is set to 100%, an inch is an inch?

In the new update 1.8 we get our old font size back at 135% zoom. Before I was voting for 125% because I could get my old size back at that zoom by increasing my font size by 1. Seeing the 125% votes I’m assuming I wasn’t the only one doing that. However with this new fix 135% seems to be the one restoring our old fonts at our old font size. Might take that into consideration with the voting. :slight_smile:


Same here.

I really don’t give a toss to which exact percentage I have to scroll to see my text as it was before - the important thing is that the option is there. I think, depending on how tired my eyes are, I might use anything between 120% and 150% at times and I love the option of being able to do that without having to change the actual font size of my documents.

But for the Document Notes and the Project Notes I can’t find a way to change the text size at all. And the way it is rendered now is practically unreadably small.

Hi - Newbie to Scrivener here…

If we must pick, I would vote for 125% default as it appears most normal from the choices offered.

NOTE: An imported graphic now appears 125% also – way too large. I assume if the default is set to 125% (as we now view it) the graphics will render normally?

Been using for about two weeks now and love the product (both Mac and PC versions). Hope the Cut & Paste (from the Window’s Clipboard outside of Scrivener) will function in the ver 1.0 release. The import is way too cumbersome to be of practical value.

Thanks for your efforts in putting this into Windows. I fell in love with Scrivener for Mac instantly, but rely heavily on cross-platform products for education and research projects – maybe a book someday too.


Perhaps I just didnt see it… but is there a way to set a personal size? Like 126% or 177% and so on? Not just the 50% steps…?

And about the default zoom, I think i understand it right, if I change the default in one textdocument to lets say 150% this will be saved, so I got the same size if I reopen this textdocument?

But I have to say this zoom tool was really missing - I really need the size a bit bigger in the evening :laughing:

Is it just me or does the 130% and 135% render the font nearly the same? I see no difference, except a readjustment to my rulers. Same with 140% and 145% . I just found that really weird. I’ve changed my vote from 125% to 135% but I can’t help but think the settings are too close that a group of us who essentially see the same thing are split.

Anyway! The doc notes aren’t affected by zoom, but I’ve found they are still retaining format from pasting (reported here Document Notes - Observed Behavior (May Need Tweaking)). So, for doc notes that I really, really want to work on now, I’ve copied them out, changed their font size, and then copied them back in. Once the font size has been changed, the doc notes retain the last formatting style so new text retain the new font size. It’s not a fix, but it’s my current workaround.

In addition to adding more increment settings, would it be possible to allow a key-in setting? The presets are nice for a quick swap, but it’d be nice to be able to key in an actual value.