UserManual.pdf needs a more descriptive name

This is NOT a bug, but IS something to fix at some point.

The Scrivener 2 user manual file name is UserManual.pdf

So in a PDF reader (I tested Adobe Reader and Skim), the window name is… UserManual.pdf

On a day when I have dozens of windows open, especially if I’m troubleshooting software and have a bunch of other PDF manuals open, keeping track of a window labeled UserManual.pdf is unnecessarily difficult.

If I open the Scrivener 2 package and change the file name, the link from the Help menu in Scrivener stops working.

Please with the next upgrade would you change the file name to something sensible like Scrivener User Manual.pdf, Scrivener-User-Manual.pdf, or Scrivener_User_Manual.pdf? (Or even ScrivenerUserManual.pdf, though it’s harder to read).


The other issue with the name UserManual.pdf is that it makes the Scrivener manual hard to find in my PDF reader’s Open Recent menu.

I’ve renamed it “Scrivener User Manual.pdf” for the next update.
All the best,

Keith, you are a gem! Thank you!

All the best,

Hey, be glad they don’t use our internal titles: 2_2-01c-manual-letter.pdf!

I think customers are being unreasonable and disloyal by having more than one piece of software on their computers.

Here’s to ScrivenerOS

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