UserManual.pdf needs a more descriptive name

My Dear Joy,
In an attempt to rerail this thread, and put it back on track, as it were, allow me to proffer the following:
The Satyricon UserManual.pdf
The Kamasutra UserManual.pdf
The Decameron UserManual.pdf
歡喜冤家 (Happy Lovers)UserManual.pdf
Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure UserManual.pdf
Römische Elegien (Roman Elegies)UserManual.pdf
Venus in Furs UserManual.pdf
Ulysses UserManual.pdf
“Lady Chatterley’s Lover” UserManual.
I remain your ever obedient slave,
Vic-k :smiling_imp:

I do believe there is a thread that went off topic in the very first post. It must have been the pigeon.

You see what we mean, Joy …


The Miskatonic University Special Edition is named The Necronomicon User Manual.pdf. It is subtitled “Scrivener: Run for your lives!”

Mere d’Lucifer!!

Ah ha! My Alma mata, cherie

The book I give all my special friends on All Hallow’s Eve.

Alas, ma cherie, 'tis too late to run…Scrivener is a ship of lost souls…and you are now a valued member of its crew.
Adieu mon amour.
Le D :smiling_imp:

I’m going to humbly submit the following post as the fastest ever derailment of a thread (made to seem somewhat less off topicky only through the use of severe retroactive editing:

I don’t know if I can give you that one. That was a bug fix feature release. Is there really a “topic” to go off of?

Ah, Miskatonic University! How fondly I remember it! Especially the dining hall, where instead of Mystery Meat we were served Nameless Things. Often with tentacles…

OTOH that sort of thing got a bit old shopping the Arkham General Store & Grocery. Shelf after shelf of… who knows what, because it wasn’t labeled!

In Technical Support Page there’s still a link to pdf User manual Rev. 2.1-01f, while the project .scriv link refers to Rev. 2.2.
Please, can you put online rev 2.2 of pdf manual? :smiley:

All better now.


Can you work that same magic on my check book?

If you lower your firewall, sure.

As long as it is only my firewall…

“She lowered her standards by raising her glass,
Her courage, her eyes and his hopes.”

Flanders and Swann