Using 3 beta in production situation?


Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Wasn’t sure where to post.

I am loving 2.9x (PC) beta and would like to use it to finish working on my book instead of 1.9x.

On a scale of 1-10 how safe is that?

I read somewhere that there has been no data loss but how about a project getting corrupting? Any intel I should be aware of?


It is unlikely that bad things will happen to your data, either through outright data loss or inadvertent mangling of the project.

It is possible that specific functionality you need may misbehave in a way that makes your life more complicated. You might want to allow extra time before a deadline to deal with possible Compile bugs, for example.


Thank you, Katherine, for your quick response. I’m dying to use the beta for a real project so this helps a great deal.

How about going to a newer beta releases? Going from 2.9x to 2.9xx for example? Is that likely to cause an issue with the project?


I’ve hopped between more than a dozen betas and have had absolutely no data loss. What I have experienced has been a few minor bugs and none of them were deal breakers for me. I’ve had no issues with the most recent beta, but I can’t speak for anybody else.

The project format isn’t going to change, and your data is stored separately from the Scrivener application. Updates can cause issues with preferences, though, so it’s not a bad idea to back those up before updating.


Thank you both Katherine and Daniela. The ability to use Styles is so fantastic as is the GUI for the beta version that I really just want to move into it and use to finish the book.

I so appreciate the work done and the support.

Cheers to all,

Hi Mark,

I’ve been using the beta exclusively for a year or so, and loving it.

The devs were originally expiring the beta every 2-3 weeks or so, which meant you had to regularly download and install new versions. They’ve moved to a monthly cadence, but that could change at any time. You need to be aware of that, in case regularly downloading and installing is a challenge for you. Based on feedback in the forums, it seemed to be a challenge for a small but very vocal minority.

Compile has changed significantly with v3. It seems that the more expertise one had with v1 compile, the harder it is to grasp and apply the new v3 process, At least, there have been many posts to that effect. If you’ve built a lot of v1 compile formats that you’ll need to recreate in v3, allow yourself plenty of time to do so, and be sure to read this upgrade guide, which was published with Mac v3:

Here’s a thread with a similar question as yours, from March. Be sure to check out the post from rwfranz, which contains an excellent idea for recovering data from a crashed or corrupted Scriv install:

Best of luck with the beta. :smiley: When you encounter issues, be sure to post them in the Beta forum.


Thank you, Jim. Appreciate the detail in your post.

I’m primarily a scriptwriter so my writing life is simple when it comes to software. I used WordPerfect with macros for years and for the last 7+ years it’s exclusively Final Draft.

I’m discovering all these wonderful tools now because I’m writing a book on scriptwriting. The migration from WordPerfect (my word processor of choice) to Word (because it does ToCs like nobody’s business) to Jutoh (for the eventual publishing) and Scrivener to finish the creation has been interesting.

I won’t bore you (beyond what I’ve already done ) but I had to rewrite the book completely for a lot of reasons and that’s when I found Scrivener - thank god it’s here. I guess I’m lucky because I’m walking into this wonderful software when the 3.0 PC version is almost done and also I don’t have a lot of projects that will cause me any grief on any migration.

Right now, I’m trying to sort this process: Scrivener > DOCX > Jutoh. The issue seems to be that Scrivener doesn’t actually generate an H1, H2, H3 tag on compile and that’s what Jutoh keys on to build the ToC. I need to figure that out if that’s possible to be figured out.

I’m sure I’m missing something - actually a lot of somethings. But I love the exploration and I’m in no extreme rush. I still have to actually finish the book which is probably another 2-3 weeks.

I did also notice that Jotoh can’t import RTF (I’m going to check this) and the internal Scrivener links came in as somewhat proprietary. This may be another setting I’m missing. Still so much to learn. Happily.

Anyway, the company, the community, the software all seem wonderful. I’m thrilled to have found all this.


Format > Paragraph > HTML Header Level enables the user to associate a named style with a header tag that will be inserted in the compiled doc.

Rgds - Jerome

Brilliant, Jerome. Thank you!


Hey Mark,

There are a number of screenwriter posters here who use Scriv as part of their process.

You may want to have a look at some of the threads related to script writing, to get a sense of strengths, weaknesses, and where you might to face some expect challenges. For instance, this one: [url]]



Yeah, thanks for that! Enough said there to make me want to stick with Final Draft, Beside, there’s things beyond the writing that you need when you turn pro. Final Draft is specific to those needs and excels in several features.

But I am dying to find things to use Scrivener for. I’ve already decided to move most everything I do that isn’t scriptwriting over. I just love this program - and I guess I’m preaching to the choir, as they say, with people here who are way beyond me in this realization.

I’m going to finish this book, see what else I can do. One application that I thought would work for me is that I always try to a scriptwriter profile for my bi-monthly podcast. I write them out first. I figured I could keep them all in one Scrivener doc with the research. That way, they’re all in one place. Neat.

Thanks again for the conversation. I’m always thrilled to interact with someone who has more experience with something than me. Let me know if I can help with any scriptwriting questions.


It can. Either with the setting mentioned by Jerome, or another method mentioned in another thread that involves placeholder tags, regex, and replacement during compile. Depends on what you want to accomplish and your writing style.

So cool! Thank you! Am working my way through all the tuts now while simultaneously using version 2.9x to continue writing my book.

Honestly, Scrivener is like something out a dream and the support here is just excellent.

Thanks again,