Using a second screen in Scrivener 3

Since I upgraded to Scrivener 3, I’ve been unable to find how to use a second screen (and forgot how I did in scrivener 2)
I’ve searched through the toolbar: can’t find :cry:
I’m in a place with such a low broadband I can’teven wach the tutorials
Thanks for helping

There is the option to open Composition Mode on the second (or higher) screen, or to blank the other screen when you enter Composition Mode (can’t remember if they’ve changed much from V2, sorry). These are on Preferences > Behaviours > Composition.

I’m not aware of any other second screen options.


Thank you Brookter. It works. And thank you for the swiftness of your help, I appreciate! :smiley:
it used to be easier to find stuff in Scriv 2.
Except that the French version which I’m using now isn’t as complete in its help and definitions as the English version.