Using Adobe Slate to promote your books for free

If you’ve owned an iPad, you’ve been able to use a free iPad app called Slate to create visually rich stories online: … d968433730

Well, Adobe has now added a web service so those who don’t own iPads can create those stories. … n-the-web/

You can demo and sign up for it here:

Why should authors care? Two reasons:

  1. You can use it to tell stories online. You can find an example here:

Probably not a story in line to win the Noble Prize for literature, but you get the point. That story could then lead into larger stories, ones you publish as a book.

  1. You can use it to create a webpage that’s about your books. For images, you can include the front and back covers along with sample pages. That is a website for your books (or any other interests) without paying hosting fees. The link below is NOT a Slate website. It’s created with Adobe’s professional tools, but it does illustrate how that Slate-created web page for a book might look. Use pages to illustrate your book. … lilys-ride

Why is Adobe, which makes its money selling professional design tools (called the Creative Cloud), creating tools for non-professionals to create webpages and hosting them for free? I’m not really sure.

It could be that they are planning a different Creative Cloud for the broader public. They already have a $10/month plan for photographers with Photoshop, and I’m hoping that they’ll eventually have $10/month plan for authors with InDesign. This could be the start of tools that’d let ordinary people and small organizations or businesses host websites that let them tell stories, illustrate their vacation pictures or whatever. The basic service would be free. Additional features might cost $5 a month.

At any rate, since this marvelous webpage creating and hosting tool is available to anyone with a browser, you might consider using it to showcase your books, hobbies, club or whatever. Just keep in mind that what it creates are lots of images with their accompanying text. It’s for telling pictorial stories not blogging.

For instance, if you got a short story for kids in mind and have the knack to create images for it, you might want to take that on as a project.

–Mike Perry, Inkling Books