Using an image as a link

Hello, sorry for my english but I’m French .
I looked for a solution on the forum but I have not found.

Using an image as a link works and you can click on the image. The link opens.

Unfortunately when I close the file, the link disappears. I save but the link is not here when I open.

No need to apologize. I’m sure there are a few native english speakers that will make you look like an expert in no time. And I’m talking about me.


Thanks, I’ve made sure this is on the bug list to be fixed. :slight_smile:

@MimeticMouton thanks. :smiley:

@Jaysen It’s a bit frustrating. I can’t express myself fully. Google translate is my friend but sometimes makes mistake.
Anyway thank you for Scrivener, it is a great program.

I noticed an error in the French interface translation.
Editer / Supprilmer le lien -> should be “Supprimer le lien”


Thanks for catching that!

It works now.