Using an Image as a Scene Separator

Hi! I’d like to be able to use an image as a scene separator within a chapter. I’ve searched everywhere, and the only method I’ve found requires that I keep both scenes in the same file and copy the image directly into the text file. If I do this, the problem is, I’m unable to rely on the compile feature for formatting my entire manuscript because that will force the image to the left, and I need it to be centered. So if I copy it into the text file, I can center it myself, but then I’m stuck making sure every single text file is formatted properly BEFORE compiling, which is time consuming.

Is there really no way to choose an image as a separator in Options when I’m compiling? Is there some sort of html code that I can type into the “custom” field in Separators so that the image will be used instead of some sort of text? I tried using the html code my husband gave me (he’s a web developer), but it literally inserted that text as the separator. Thanks!

First, download the 2.4 beta (2.3.5) from here:

That adds the ability for the <$img…> tag to be used in separators.

Then, import the image you want to use into the binder somewhere (as an image document, not as part of the text of a text document), and type the following as your separator:


E.g. If the image document in your binder is called “Flowers”, then you would type:


Alternatively, you can type the path to the image file on disk, e.g:


All the best,

Thanks so much! I’ll give it a shot…