Using an image for each chapter in your novel.

Not sure if others know this but if you plan on having a picture for each chapter here is how I did it.
Now, obviously you can export and use indesign or something, but doing it straight from scrivener saves you some steps!

You need to make sure your chapter heading layout has a prefix like this:

Chapter <$t:chapter>

this will output:

Chapter One

The image must have the same name as the title for this to work. It will automatically find and place the proper image in. The size I chose is 150 pixels.
Let me know what you think!

That’s a good tip! It keeps the compile settings clean and intuitive. In a slight variation on that, for cases where you want to use a selection of graphics rather than a different one for each chapter, is to make use of the new custom metadata feature for creating lists.

  1. Open Project/Project Settings…
  2. Click on Custom Metadata.
  3. Add a new field and call it something like “ChapterGraphic” (I recommend a single word for things we’ll use as placeholders later).
  4. Change the type to List, and then add the names of your graphics files as they appear in the binder.

Now you can set these to your chapter type items in the inspector or outliner—you can even make bulk changes by selecting a bunch of items and right-clicking, accessing the “ChapterGraphic” submenu you’ll find there.

That leaves one tweak to your formula, the chapter prefix would be:

Chapter <$t:chapter> <$img:<$custom:ChapterGraphic>;w=150>

(You could leave the <$title> token in there, but you could also just click the checkbox that adds the title after the prefix.)

thanks for the tip!