Using an unsupported font style on iOS defaults to non-formatted on opening file in Windows

I’ve been working on a project in the Windows version of Scrivener (, latest version) and have used the SMALL CAPS font formatting in a few sections of the project. Everything has been working fine as I edit in Windows.

However, today, my laptop needed to go through some lengthy updates. I decided to use the time to continue to work on my project using my iPad, syncing through Dropbox.

Everything was going great, as usual, until I reached a point in the document where text had, on my Windows version, been in SMALL CAPS. The text showed only in normal unformatted text on my iPad version. I chalked this up to perhaps the iOS version not supporting all of the text styles the PC/Mac version did and closed the document (saving any changes I had made and syncing back to dropbox), deciding I’d just save any further changes until my laptop was up again.

Well, the laptop is up now, and I’ve just opened Scrivener…and all of the SMALL CAPS formatted text is unformatted, even on the Windows version that should support it, suggesting that the iOS version just stripped away the tags it didn’t recognize.

I did notice that this only happened on the documents that I viewed just now on my iPad. Another document in the same project that I did NOT open still retains its SMALL CAPS formatting.

Is this a documented bug? A scan of the forum did not mention it, but it’s quite annoying. I’m going to try and roll back to a previous Dropbox version, though thankfully only a few thousand words have been affected, so if I need to reformat the text newly, it won’t be a terrible chore.

Just thought I’d let people know about this potential bug!