Using and Controlling Speech, Voices, and Scrolling within Scrivener AND, Writing to be Heard...

Hello There All,

I’m not a big Gusher on Apps, Scrivener and Scapple of course are the Exceptions since they are So GREAT, and deserve those accolades.

Okay, that being said, now to the Point.

For Me, one problem with Writing, is Reading. I love and learn hearing it in another Voice.

The problem is, those People who are handily around soon tire of reading the same Story, with minor changes, over and over again… There can be a lot of Friction in Fiction. If you get my drift.

So, for me, using the SPEECH Command on Scrivener is a godsend. I use Voices from Acapela InfoVox which are more natural than most machine voices, and their Pronunciations can be modified to suit my Writers Ear.

I’ve even learned to use Embedded Speech Codes within Scrivener to Change the Speakers automatically and in real time. So, my writing becomes more of a Live Read Through rather than a simple, Listen what I Wrote. For me it’s helpful. Technically and Artistically.

One Problem though. When I listen within Scrivener, there is only, START and STOP speech. No Pause.

And, when STOPPED. The START begins at the beginning, unless I Re-Highlight the Text I want spoken.

That’s where Two Apps I’ve found that has added greatly to the SPEECH.

One, ‘Dictater’ is FREE for Macs. You use it through SERVICES by Highlighting the text you want read.

It has PLAY, PAUSE, and SKIP Forward or Backward. It shows up as a small CONTROLLER on the Desktop. If you’re interested, here’s the Address:

The Second Program, SmartScroll, isn’t free. It costs around $14. But, it is useful with Macs, especially since they got rid of the micro-arrows on the Scrollbars. But, I’m mentioning it here because it allows you to have Auto-SCROLLING in most programs including, Scrivener.

Again, for me, having the Characters of my story read and having the Text Automatically Scroll with SmartScroll makes writing feel more like a RadioPlay than a read-through.

The AutoScroll is controlled with the KeyBoard, and Speed is controllable with the Arrow Keys. To try it out:

The Combination of these Programs helps me muster a Creative Spark, and makes for some real remedies for that silent bugaboo, and full-time nemesis, Writer’s Block

That’s my two Colones worth… Pura Vida