using annotations to manage revisions of scholarly book

I got Scrivener 2 just as I began revising a manuscript that is under contract but still needs a final revision from me before it goes to the copy editor. I am using color-coded annotations to coordinate the nitty-gritty fact-checking in the last stage of revision. I am an academic and have been working on this book for a couple of years. There are hundreds of references, quotations, translations, and statements of fact that must be double-checked. I’ve gone through the entire manuscript and added annotations for each reference, quotation, translation, or factual claim that needs to be verified. I color code them:

  • yellow if it’s something my research assistant can check
  • orange if it’s something I need to check myself
  • red if I suspect an error or need to add or change something substantive
  • green if the segment has been checked and verified.

This does make for an extra colorful document, but I can strip out the annotations when I export the final MS for my editor, and I feel much better having a system for tracking all these details!

I think you should have used the phrase ‘Scholarly Tome’, apart from that … marvellous :slight_smile:

I do something similar with my highlight colours when overhauling (or marking something to be overhauled later) my draft.


All I can say is…wow, the luxury of a research assistant!
Good luck with your project, and welcome to Scrivener 2.