Using AppleScripts to create folders and documents

Hello everyone!

I created two Applescripts to handle the boring task of creating a lot of folders and documents at the beginning of a new project (or during an outlining for instance). I saw somebody wishing something like that, but I don’t remember where.

The first script creates only folders, named sequentially. You can choose how to name them, like “Chapter”, “Part” etc. The second script creates folders with one ou more documents inside them.

Video preview
You can see the scripts running here:

Creating Folders ->
Creating Folders with documents ->


  • Open your project file on Scrivener.
  • Download a script file (.scpt) here: … /Scrivener
  • Run the script in the Script Editor clicking on the play button.
  • Answer the questions asked and enjoy the magic. :slight_smile:

Hope you liked it. :smiley:

Best regards,
Sérgio Jardim

Ohhhhh, wow . . . I liked it very much! Thanks.

Thank you, great!!!