Using Beta vs 1.9

I’m a long-term Scrivener user on Mac, but switched over to PC this year so I’ll be re-purchasing a license for Windows soon. My question is about the Version 3 beta versus the current 1.9 (I think) version. I installed both on a trial license, and v3 beta seems far more lovely and nice to use … apart from the built-in expiry date.

Do the betas keep getting refreshed, enabling me to just work in v3 up until it is officially released? Or, if I choose to create new projects in v3, will I keep having the beta expire, so I have to wait for the next beta release to come out and have periods where I can’t work (since I assume I can’t open v3 projects in v1)?

Answering my own question a bit, but I see several people in the forums stating “I’ve been using 3 beta for months” so I assume that means it’s possible to stay on it permanently. Would still appreciate any advice on whether I need to install a different version of the beta to get rid of the “will expire on Sept 15th” message.

They have never missed making a new Beta available before the current one expires, though on 1 occasion months ago they were pretty close to the line.

V. 3 Beta is much closer to your experience with the Mac v. 3 and has been stable for a long time; my collaborator has been using it since Beta 10, I think, nearly two years ago. Her needs from Scrivener are currently fairly minimal, so I don’t think any of the bugs, both current and those dealt with over that period, have impacted her.

My advice would be to go with the Beta.



PS While typing this your second post has come up. There is no version of the Beta other than which will work, so just put up with the expiry warning for another couple of days until is available. Don’t be put off by the date on the announcement thread—that is the date when the thread was first opened—the download for the new beta will be available there. :slight_smile:

If you choose to use the beta as your base version – and many of us do – you will need to promptly install each update as it comes through. You can do this two ways: manually or automatically.

To do so manually, you will need to go to the download link once it’s active (usually within a couple of days of the previous expiration date), download the new file, uninstall your current version (and possibly reboot if you’re so inclined), then install the freshly downloaded version. This method will clear out all your saved settings that are not saved as part of a project, so you may want to save all your various settings and then re-load them once you have the new version installed.

To do so automatically, you can use the “Check for updates” functionality from within the Scrivener beta. It will automatically download and install the new version once it’s available. This is the method I use and have not had to manually save/re-load my settings in doing it this way. Do take a few minutes after each update, though, and make sure everything is copacetic, and do make sure to save your settings on a regular basis in case something goes wrong and you need to uninstall/reinstall.

I recommend that if you choose to go with the beta, you set Scrivener’s automatic shutoff so that you’re not leaving the program open all the time. This forces you to open it on a regular basis, thus seeing the reminder about the expiration date, and will also force a new version check more frequently. Whichever method you use, you will need to pay attention to the calendar and start actively checking for the new version so that you don’t get into the situation of going past the expiration, not having a current backup of your settings, and having to uninstall/reinstall and start over with your settings.

As long as you save your project data in common areas and not in the program installation folder, you should be able to do any of this without affecting your projects.