Using both Mac and Windows versions

I’m sure this has been asked a million times, but has anyone had any experience using the same Scrivener project in both the Windows and the Mac versions of the program? I have both a Windows desktop and a Macbook Air that I’d like to use for the same project… one day in Windows, the next day in Mac, later that night in Windows, etc… and I’m wondering if this is possible and/or wise.

Absolutely possible. I use dropbox to keep the files in sync (see “Scrivener everywhere” in the manual for how to avoid sync issues). If it doesn’t exist in the Windows version, try to steer clear of that feature in the Mac version, just to avoid minor frustrations.

I’m mostly worried about formatting sync issues. I’m a bit on the OCD side, so if every scene isn’t formatted the same way, etc., I get a tad panicked. I’ve done a bit of cursory exploration, and it seems okay, but I was hoping for some second opinions.

I use Dropbox, too, but I don’t do anything special. Should I?

The Mac and Windows versions are compatible, as Robert said; the only formatting issue within the text you may run into would be if you used a font that only one of your computers has installed and available. In that case the program on the other machine would of necessity switch the font, so to avoid that just make sure you use a font you have on both machines. Use inline notation rather than inspector comments to avoid any frustration there, since Windows doesn’t yet support the inspector notes. The other thing you’ll notice is that layout settings for the interface are platform specific, changes to the interface you make in the Mac version will be remembered next time you open the project on the Mac but won’t be used when you open the project in Windows; Windows likewise will remember its last used settings, but won’t be able to see what you did on the Mac. So nothing to do with the text or your settings for that, but things like whether you had this or that document selected with this or that paragraph in the text selected, etc.

As for the Dropbox sync, you don’t need to do anything fancy, but as already mentioned, do read through the guidelines in the “Cloud Integration and Sharing” chapter for the manual (Help > Scrivener Manual) as this will walk through the steps to make sure you have a safe sync. Scrivener on each of your computers should also be making automatic backups, unless you turned that off, so you’ll have extra protection there as well: if you do get a goofed up sync, it’s easy to just restore from the latest backup on whichever machine last successfully closed the project.