Using both text and pictures on corkboard

Hi there,

I like being able to add a picture to a corkboard element, but why can’t I add text as well (not one or the other)?

Please let me know if this is possible and I just am not discovering how to do it.



That’s how it is designed to work: it would be awkward having both at once in terms of layout—to fit both within even the larger square shaped card with even a modest few lines of text would mean an image so small you might as well not have it. So you are either using a picture to represent the card at the time, or a synopsis.

You can freely switch between the two at any time with Cmd-7 while the inspector is open. And speaking of the inspector, you might prefer the Always show synopsis rather than image by default in inspector setting in the Corkboard preference pane—that way you get the image in the corkboard but can see and work with the text in the sidebar once you click on it.