Using Bullet Lists

I am confused by how bullets behave. If I have a simple document, with a single line of text, and then add several more lines, select these, and try to turn them into bullets, then everything in that document turns into bullets.

  • Don’t want this Bulleted
  • To Be Bullet 1
  • To Be Bullet 2

That happens most of the time. Sometimes it seems to work. And sometimes it seems to work, then I hit return at the end of the bullet list, and the whole document turns into bullets again.

Hope I am doing something wrong :frowning:

Bulleted lists are Apple’s code, part of the OS X text system that was introduced in Tiger. Both bulleted lists and tables were introduced to the text system at the same time and are based on the same coding concept - and both are rather horrible, unfortunately; one day I would love to have the resources to replace them both with something better.

I have seen surrounding text become bullets too, on occasion. When that happens, it is usually if you have used bullets elsewhere in the document and then got rid of the bullet formatting by backspacing rather than using the lists menu or sheet. Although in theory backspacing should work, sometimes it doesn’t. The fix should be to select any affected text and choose “None” from the bullets menu in the format bar (or from the Format > Lists > Custom List… sheet) before applying bullets to a sub-range.

Hope that helps!

All the best,

I think your diagnosis & fix are both correct. Thanks!!