using cloud systems

so I just lost my file that had about 33k words. I’m pretty sure it was because of the cloud storage I use, OneDrive. Apparently, scrivener has never been fully synced because I lack permission.

[attachment=1]Screenshot (647).png[/attachment]

I want to ask if using a cloud system can be the reason one loses their files permanently? Also, what precautionary measure can I take to secure my files? I’ve gone through the back ups automatically made by scrivener and this is what they all say:

[attachment=0]Screenshot (649).png[/attachment]

I just want to find a way for my files to remain secure, and I’m forever scarred from using OneDrive or any other cloud storage really. But I also can’t rely on the automatic back ups if I can’t even open some of them because the file can’t be located. Could someone please recommend a way for me to save my files in a way that makes losing any of them impossible?

You probably need to unzip the backup file before attempting to open it in Scrivener.

If OneDrive is refusing to give you access to a project stored there, that would be a question for OneDrive support.