Using Collections

Hi folks: I’m just dipping my toes into the world of collections, finding the concept quite useful. And a question.

One collection is called ‘Re-write’, just as the example in the manual. When I have the re-write text open, and split the window vertically, I can see the old and new text, very handy.

My question: I’d like to see the ‘source’ text as I write the ‘new’ text; but I’d like the Collection text on side, but the Binder (or final) text on the other. Does this make sense? Quite possibly I’m misunderstanding Collections?

Phrased differently: While the Collection shows the text to be re-written, I want a new document, separate from the Collections document, to be in the Binder. I hope that’s clear?

All documents in a Collection are also in the Binder. They’re just different ways of viewing the same underlying files.

If you want to have a copy of the original visible while you do the rewrite, you can use the Documents → Duplicate function. I’d recommend using metadata or renaming one version so that you can tell them apart.

You may also find the Navigate → Binder Selection Affects menu useful, as it controls where the item you select will appear.


That works, Katherine, and thank you.

A couple of other options you might want to consider:

Snapshots allow you to keep a “Xth draft” copy of text that you are then revising, and that original version is available in the inspector to view and compare changes with your current version (or with another snapshot of the same document, for that matter).

If you are using two different documents in the binder as you edit, you can add a document bookmark to the inspector, linking the original to the version you’re revising. That too is available in the inspector.

The main difference between these two approaches is that snapshots are read-only, whereas document bookmarks displayed in the inspector are editable in that panel.

There’s a reason I’m digging into this workflow: I have hundreds of thousands of words that must be re-voiced (if that’s a word); it’s not as hard as one might think. Naturally an efficient setup is needed. More importantly is control over the original and revisions.

I’m looking more carefully at Snapshots, and appreciate the suggestion.

As you suggested, I duplicated the original, working on the duplicate.

I didn’t realize completely what I wanted until we started talking about it. What I’m really seeking is a way to have the original document displayed next to the revised document, fashioned like the vertical split. On the left, original. On the right, the re-write.

Whether or not you continue to use collections, bookmarks can still be very useful in linking the original documents to the revised documents, and the inspector, when stretched wide enough, acts as an editor.

Good luck with your revision!

Once you split the editor, you can put whatever you want in the two halves.