using colors in tabs

is there any chance to choose different colors while formating in the bars you are going to select, like we have in Photoshop? For older people will help until we get to know all the choices you have… Gracias!!!

Could you provide a screenshot of what you are referring to in Photoshop, or the area you are referring to in Scrivener? I’m not familiar with the terminology you are using, as in selecting bars.

Thanks for your response

Sorry for my bad explanation. The attachment included is not a real one, just to give you an idea how we customized the PShop menus.
Been an old man (75) is easier for me to colorized the task I use the most, when I got to that panel and see my colour’s I go straight and faster to work on it. Within the time you learn where are they.
Hope this will help.


PD The colours selected are transparent and you just mark whatever you need or want.
PShop Panel %22Sample%22.jpg

Oh is this how Photoshop can highlight menu items? That’s not a standard macOS feature as far as I’m aware. They use their own graphical user environment for the most part. There are a few Mac settings that might help though:

  • Have you tried the new Mac feature to use dark menus with light text? I find that option easier to read for some reason—it’s in the General System Preference pane, up near the very top on 10.11+.
  • I always turn off transparency, in the Accessibility: Display panel. This immediately and dramatically boosts the contrast of words on their backgrounds, vs how muddy for example the menu background is in your screenshot.

Thanks for your reply AmberV

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