Using compile to get 2 sets of content

I am using scrivener to write a web / LMS based course.
There are 4 chapters, each with 5 to 8 lessons
Each lesson contains in scrivener 5 to 20 files.
Overall there are two goals: in the course:

  • the theoretical examination = content 1
  • preparation for the practical examination = content 2
    How can I use “23.8 - Structure and Content Table” ore something else to get:
    content 1 : only the files in the binder containing stuff for the theoretical examen
    content 2: only the remaining files = marked with practical examination.
    The presentation at this moment is not important.
    I want to proof the two print outs if they are complete .

I am working on a win10 , but a Mac version is in my hands too.
Thanks a lot,

There isn’t a good approach for doing that with Windows at the moment. Since you mention availability of the Mac, you can do this there using the compile filter feature. When you open Compile, on the right hand side of the overview screen you’ll by default see the Contents tab. To the right of the dropdown where you would select which folder to compile (by default the whole Draft) is a funnel button. Click that to enable advanced filtering options. If you use Labels to mark which fork of the book a section is associated with, you can choose to filter out all items marked a certain way, for example.

Often I prefer to use a collection for filtering though. Search collections make it possible to filter by any criteria that can be used to search for items in the binder; keywords, even string matches in files or modification dates can be used as compile filter settings.

Now if you do need to use Windows, there is the ability to select a Collection as your compile group, instead of the Draft folder. However that has some potential downsides in that the result is a flat list. If you structure you work anything like I do, there are a lot of levels of hierarchy and those levels often matter. A filter will leave the hierarchy intact.