Now this may be quite pathetic of me but I cannot work out how to: compile my document - lots of chapters and sections. When I think I have set it up, it only exports one small part of the document to Word.

When I go to forums etc I get words like ‘code’ and so on and have no idea what it is all about. Sorry. I am not a computer thick, but this is just not working for me and I think I am just leaving out one section of what I should know etc…

I have just about finished my novel, and have five sections, each with several chapters.

I need to put page numbers in each section, and the numbers for each section need to be consecutive. ie one from 1 - 56 than the next section from 57 onwards and so on.
I may or may not put chapter names in the numbering but would imagie that to be easy.

I have followed instructions up to the compile stage, and then all the levels confuse me…

I want it to look like this please:

INDIA 1931 (ranged right)
(one every page of this section - there are five sections altogether each with a different name)

CHAPTER ONE (centred)
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bottom of page - page number - right on rhp, and left on lhp

chapters to open on a right hand page.

That’s all - but when I click compile at present it only compiles one section of the collection I highlight…
And when I export it to Word, I need it to keep the formatting so that the pages are numbered correctly, if you see what I mean…

Thank you very much for any help!

So… how his your draft folder organized? You say you have 5 sections with chapters in each section, so that sounds a lot like 5 “parts” folders with multiple chapter folders inside them, and scene documents inside those. Is that accurate? If so, you should probably start over with the “Novel with Parts” compile preset (choose this from the the Format As: drop-down list).

Second, the levels should be a little less mystifying if you keep your binder visible when you visit File->Compile. The latest version of Scrivener 2 for mac highlights the files and folders that are affected by each thing in the Formatting pane, so the relationship should be clearer as you select each row in that part of the compile window.

Are all the documents that make up your sections, chapters and documents contained within the “Draft” ‚ it may be named “Manuscript” in some templates, I believe — folder? Only documents in that folder will be compiled.