Using Contextual Menu instead of Services

I do a lot of web clipping and selecting of text from other app’s.
I use Notetaker for some of this, but I’m finding more and more
I’m using Scrivener. In notetaker in all the different applications they have a Contextual Menu plugin that with a right click I can choose to send the selected text to Notetaker.
But in Scrivener that option is only aviable in services.
Is it possible to create a CM plugin for Scrivener to do the same as in services.

Thanks for a great application.


Not sure if this will help, but you can drag snippets of selected text from any application to Scrivener’s dock icon, which will then add that text as a new clipping. This sounds pretty similar to the process with your notetaker app, except that it’s a drag rather than a contextual menu.

Hi, I have to say that I hate the way NoteTaker puts lots of options in the contextual menus of other applications, so I’m afraid I won’t be introducing this to Scrivener. After I uninstalled my trial of NoteTaker, I still had useless contextual menu items and other items around my system for a long time… Some users like such features, but many more find them very obtrusive.

Glad you like Scrivener in general though!

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I find using the Scrivener Service for text clipping quite handy if you’ve assigned a keyboard command to it. I don’t remember the default arrangement for Scrivener, but I’ve used the freeware Service Scrubber application to assign a keystroke combination to the Scrivener “Create New Clipping from Selection” Service. It’s just as handy as using a contextual menu. Alternatively, you could do the same thing by setting up a Quicksilver trigger to invoke the clipping service with keystroke or combination of a keystroke and mouse click.

Thanks for the tip.
This is what I’m been looking for, a keyboard shortcut.


I’ve been using Open Menu (CM) for about a month. Services can be included in the CM. No problems so far.

For frequent clipping, QuicKeys provides a more convenient solution. Create a Menu Selection or Keystoke shortcut and assign to floating toolbar. I use this setup to primarily clip from Safari or OmniWeb to DEVONthink Pro, Mori and OmniOutliner. For DEVONthink Pro I have shortcuts for Clip to, Append, and Lookup. Starting with 10.5.2 (I think) some applications switch to destination application following a clip. With QuicKeys the shortcut can be “programmed” to switch back to the originating application.

The most recent version of Bean has a new service that appends text to the current Bean document. I’ve only experimented with this briefly. The second clip was appended to the end of the first clip rather than starting a new paragraph. QuicKeys to the rescue—to add a return. I was experimenting clipping phrases from Scrivener to Bean to compose a Synopsis that I pasted back to Scrivener.

Hope the above was understandable


My Bean (.9.11, which the updater says is the current version) doesn’t have this option in Services, just New Document containing Selection and Recover Text from Selected File. I’d love to have it, though. Any explanation?

My version is

It can be downloaded from

Hmmm, wonder why the Bean “Check for Update” didn’t let me know there was a new version? The new one adds quite a few nice new features, including a couple I suggested to the developer myself. I urge any scrivener hereabouts to give Bean a try. And thanks for tipping me off to the update!