Using corkboard view to navigate the project


I’d like to be able to navigate through my writing project using the corkboard view.

I’ve just learned how to use the Lock Group View function, but in spite of selecting ‘Lock Group View’ for the folder in which I have the project, Scrivener continually reverts to a white page with or without text on it, rather than a cork board view, each time I open a new part of the project.

I’ve just installed the latest version of Scrivener for Mac.

Many thanks for any advice.

It is possible to set your preferred group view mode to the basic text editor, so that when you click on folders you just go straight to editor their text content. Simply choosing a different view mode after clicking on a folder should suffice to get out of that situation (though if you’ve been locking group views and accidentally getting them stuck in file edit mode that might take a little extra clean-up—just remember that lock remembers how you leave a group, thus making it possible to change your mind—your locking it to stick to how you use it, not to how you set it initially).

Beyond clicking on folders, the key phrase there is Lock Group View Mode, if the thing you are loading in the editor does not demand a group view (which by default is anything other than folders) then it will still show a text editor, making the group view lock a latent preference—it would become an active setting again if you convert the file to a folder.

A setting you might be interested in changing is in the Navigation pane, right at the very top: Treat all documents with subdocuments as folders. Now when you place documents nested beneath other documents these “file groups” will act like folders—which in part means they demand group view mode when loaded in an editor pane.

You will still get a text editor when loading an individual text file (there is no way around that), this will only impact that text file once you add additional cards beneath it. So you can’t achieve the effect you are going for completely, of having a corkboard no matter where or how you navigate, but that should get you pretty close and only be a problem the first time you flesh out a part of the outline.

P.S. I’ve split this to its own thread since the OP was asking about viewing Collections as groups in the editor rather than ordinary Binder items.

Well, thanks, I had to sort of squint and read your post twice before I began to see what you meant. There’s some complexity to Scrivener, but I like it.

Your post was great. It has fixed my problem I think.

It was the setting in the navigation pane: Treat all documents that have subdocuments as folders. That’s what helped.

Thanks very much for writing.