Using Curio to map out a book - pt 2

Continuation of ”Using Curio to map out a book - pt 1

The next two examples shows one of the jump features, i.e., you click on the jump icon you’ve assigned to a figure, in this case, Chapter 6, and you jump to the Chapter 6 idea space. In this idea space, you can collect misc bits and pieces of research, photos, hand-drawn items (don’t use mine as an example of what can be done by someone good with a mouse or tablet/pen:-), and even receipts.
Jump icon.jpg
Chapter 6 misc.jpg

Last example shows that the mindmap is easily collapsible to isolate any main element and children, in this case a Chapter, as you would expect.

I’m still playing with the program to see if it will be of lasting value and something worth adding to my DTPO-Scrivener workflow. If so, I imagine it would fit between DTPO and Scrivener. We will see what more experimentation brings.


This looks very cool, but would you mind copying this post into the thread on “part 1” rather than having two threads? It just keeps thinks tidier, especially as the “part 1” thread isn’t unwieldy. I would merge the topics for you, but unfortunately it seems PHPBB’s “Merge Topics” function isn’t working for some reason.

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Thanks. Curio does look very useful for mindmapping out a book, so I’ll be interested to read more in the above thread.

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