Using custom icons for a status

Is there anyway to change the icon for all documents with a certain status? Otherwise - I would like to add that to the wishlist.

Most of my documents are normal text in the manuscript, but I sometimes add documents that are solely ideas, or things that I mustn’t forget to write later. It would be convenient if i could quickly see which ones are not ordinary text, by for instance a lightbulb for the status “Idea”. (I already use labels for POV and type of text, so I would need status for this.)

If you make a blank file or folder and assign an icon, I used geometric shapes, circles, triangles, squares etc and colored in each as various colors to use to represent different stages of writing, etc. If make file with icon and duplicate the icon and any word targets inside the file are duplicated as well so could create multiple files at once with same icon and rename as needed. But you can also shift and click multiple files and change the icon at once as well.

Thank you! Duplicating documents is a great idea, I’ll try that. However, I still would find it convenient if it were possible to assign icons to statuses. Then you wouldn’t have to change both status and icon if the status of the text changes.

That would be neat, but also consider emoji in the title, which you can easily edit to add or remove. Or just use Label colors in the binder as a signal that the “Idea” label has been applied to the red ones.

Or do different colors of same icon to represent status- yellow green blue red black etc and can the use label colors for something else or use geometric shape for status circle square triangle trapezoid cross even big X

You might find Collections helpful for this—if you create a Search Result Collection for each status, you can easily view any documents that you create that are assigned a specific status. Then instead of scanning the entire binder for certain icons, you can just click through your collections to see everything that way. §10.2.3 explains more about Search Result Collections and setting them up in the Scrivener Manual (which you can find under the Help menu).

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Thank you all for good advice!

To be a bit clearer - JenT, what I actually want to do is to be able to scan the binder/outliner and see what is missing. If I look in one folder, I would like to be able to see - here are some scenes I have written already, but between those two scenes there is something I haven’t written yet, that needs to be there. I get that this can be done in several ways (maybe using labels would be the most convenient, and choose a strong colour, or manually change the icon), but I just had the idea that it would be useful to be able to see a certain status when just looking through the binder.

Thanks for a great product and a very helpful forum!

Use label colors on files and folders would give color reference easy to see and change and can search by labels