Using different font or special characters when Compiling

Sorry to ask–this is probably something trivial… but how do I preserve SOME of my font format settings when compiling a novel for printing? The entire text is converted nicely, the default font, line spacing, etc. are fine. But I want to use different font to highlight my own text separators like this:

I don’t want to have little stars… I want to use Bodoni Ornaments, for example.
Question: how do I preserve Bodoni font or some other font for a few characters in the text during compiling while letting the rest to follow the default format of the compiler?

thanks in advance!

I guess the general answer to this is: Styles. Styles are the general way to distinguish a span of text so as to give it some kind of special treatment.

You can declare a character span (or whole paragraph) as being of a certain defined Character (or Paragraph) Style (you can make a custom style to suit, if need be). In your compile format settings, specific styles can be set to be left alone (looking same as in the Scriv Editor) or be made to look somehow different (than in the Scrivener editor).

Thank you! Appreciate your reply. Where can I find the details on how to do that?

I’m on Windows Scrivener, so most of the resources I’m familiar with are Windows-based. Look for something similar to what I mention below in the corresponding Mac versions.

There’s a short blog entry on Styles in Scrivener Scrivener 3: Doing it with Style(s) | Literature and Latte

The Windows Scrivener Interactive Tutorial has a slightly longer section on Styles - Going Further > Writing and Editing > Styles.

There’s a video tutorial on Styles for the Mac: Using Styles | Literature and Latte

Finally, in the Windows Scrivener user manual, there’s a section 24.4 Styles, which has more details regarding Styles.


Appreciate it! I think i figured it out. Created new style and then added it to the list of Styles inside the Section Layout before compiling. This preserved the original formatting I created. Again, thank you.