Using different numbering of headings and subheadings for the manuscript and the appendix

When compiling I generally use the autonumbering feature of Scrivener to number headings and sub-headings with arabic numbers (1, 1.1, 1.2,…,1.3.1,1.3.2, etc). Now in a new, more complex technical document I need to differentiate the main text from the appendix included in the manuscript by restarting the numbering and using capital roman numbers (I., II., etc.) in the appendix.
Surfing the net for an answer was no use. I cannot figure out how I can obtain this result.
Please help with detailed instructions

same problem here.

The best I can think of would be to opt out the appendices individually from the prefix you are adding in the compiler, via the Title Adjustments compile pane’s Do not add title prefix or suffix to documents tool. Then you would manually supply the <$R> code in the binder titles of the appendix items. Or you could just save finer details like this for after compiling, when the book itself is being constructed in a better environment for this kind of stuff. That’s the route I take.

Do you use Compile > Formatting > Section Layout… to insert your auto-numbering or insert your auto-numbering placeholder tags directly?

If you do use Compile > Formatting > Section Layout… then you should set your appendicies as “As-Is” and just include the Placeholder and title directly in the text. There are other alternative workflows as Compile is very flexible…

Help > Placeholder Tags List… will tell you which tags you need — <$r> or <$R> for roman numerals.

EDIT: didn’t see AmberV’s post, which is a somewhat more elegant option…

Thanks for the useful answers.

Now, a ‘parallel’ problem is how to restart page auto-numbering an its style in appendices.


For starting the page count over you will definitely need to take the project to desktop publishing after Scrivener.

I did think of another approach for the Formatting pane: you could basically nest your appendix one level deeper than everything else, solely for the sake of using a different folder (or whatever) level in the Formatting pane, which would then use a different title prefix. So for instance level 1 folders would be chapters, then level 2 folders appendices, and you’d nest them all into a level 1 folder that you exclude from compile (the nesting still counts).

A third, possibly simpler approach would be to compile the manuscript and the Appendix independently and then put them together afterwards with a software that can read your output format.
What format are you compiling to?

Most often I compile to pdf; upon request I compile to MS word.

In that case it’s equally simple in both cases. With a pdf, open the main manuscript in Adobe Acrobat and inser the appendix pdf after the last page. In Word, basically the same.