Using document link as a hyperlink to a Scrivener document.

“Create document link” includes information on the document ID. But when using this as a hyperlink from outside Scrivener, it opens Scrivener fine, but doesn’t then open the document. Is this expected? I’m using RC10. If this is not as expected, I’ll report it as a bug.

Use scenario. I’ve created a story graph in OneNote (it’s a very big table, probably too much for Scrivener to manage efficiently) and want to add links to chapters/sections into the cells.

Version. RC10

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Thanks Katherine

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Can’t find that exact command but the context menu item Copy Document Link seems to work OK, as does Edit > Copy Special > Copy Document as External Link. We can test these by pasting the clipboard content they produce into a browser address field or the target field in Windows’ “Run” command, By my tests either method loads Scrivener as expected and opens a pane to the desired document.

Rgds - Jerome

Thanks Jerome. Your explanation helped me troubleshoot the problem. It wasn’t a Scrivener problem, but a problem with Trust in Microsoft Office apps. Had to save to my writing project to OneDrive instead, and then the links worked as expected.