Using Dragon Express

Has anyone used Dragon Express voice recognition software in Scrivener?
I’m wondering if I should get it.

If you type “dragon” into the search box at the top of the page you will find there are lots of posts about Dragon software. You might also find the odd reference to dungeons as well. :mrgreen:


Thanks M. I do appreciate your post but I did that and I didn’t see any reference to “Dragon Express”.

If you have tried Dragon Express, I would love to hear about your experience. Thanks!

I haven’t used Dragon Express, but my impression from reading about it is that it’s simpler, less functional and less capable of being integrated into applications such as Scrivener than its more expensive brother application, Dragon Dictate (formerly Mac Dictate). You dictate, your text appears on a “pad” and then is transferable into your chosen software. I imagine it would work with Scrivener as well as it would work with any other text application, such as TextEdit.

In general, Dragon’s Mac applications seem to get a lot of stick in the forums of Nuance, the developer. I can’t decide whether that’s justified. On the one hand, they’re now incredibly accurate, close to 100 per cent - especially for those of us like me who remember using early versions of Dragon for Windows where 75 per cent accuracy was a triumph. On the other hand, many users seem to come to the Mac versions from today’s Windows versions, and the Mac platform itself - perhaps for good reasons connected with its solidity - seems to leave the Mac version of Dragon less reliable, less functional and occasionally more prone to complete uselessness than the Windows versions.

Also, dictating into a computer is itself a skill that has to be learned. For success, it generally requires quite powerful hardware, at least 4Gb of RAM and a microphone with a USB connection. I expect that’s likely to be as true for Dragon Express as it is for other voice-recognition programmes.

This forum has at least one thread on Dragon Express.

Thanks Hugh. Your post is very helpful to me. I currently have Dragon Naturally Speaking on my Windows OS but I am converting to Mac. Scrivener is on my Mac so I am missing the Dragon software as I think it is awesome. I would like to set it up on my Mac too but it isn’t cheap, especially since there is no try before you buy.
Anybody else have a thought or two?

If you’re migrating from Dragon Windows, you’ll know that Rule Number 1, apart from making sure that your hardware is hefty, is to read the manual very carefully and follow its instructions to the letter.

Another tip, which may be peculiar to the Mac, is at all costs to avoid any third-party spell checkers or snippet inserters. If possible, don’t even install them. They seem to spray misspellings over Dragon’s transcriptions like alphabet spaghetti. Keeping your set-up simple when using Dragon Dictate (and probably Dragon Express) is pretty much essential.

With Dragon Dictate for the Mac, there’s also the so-called Golden Rule: don’t use the keyboard to correct dictated text (until it’s “cached”, or unless you’re dictating into MS Word). I don’t know whether that applies to Dragon Express.

Of course with the Mac, you have the option of using Bootcamp and Windows and installing your Windows Dragon. But if you do that, for comfort you’ll probably need more than 4Gb of RAM.

Thanks again Hugh. Very helpful stuff. Much appreciated.

I’m knew to Scrivener having only started today but I do have Dragon Dictate on the Mac and my understanding from the Nuance forums is that the Windows version is head & shoulders better. Have you considered running Dragon Windows via Parallels on the Mac and possibly trying Scrivener in the Windows version?

I don’t know how much this helps you but I just ran an experiment using Dragon Dictate inside Scrivener and it seemed to work OK. Depending on what you need to write and how good you are at getting your thought processes in order when dictating it may be OK for you. I find DD good for casual use like emails but not so much when attention to detail is important. I don’t know how the Express version compares for accuracy though.

Thanks Sgt. I appreciate the help!