Using Dual Monitors?

I am sorry if I am asking a really dumb question here… but could someone tell me if it is possible to take advantage of two monitors well with Scrivener in Windows?

Is there some way to open a separate window to move to another monitor?

The closest thing I have seen to this is to open a New Project window… can I manage it this way somehow?

What I want is to have my research from my project in one monitor and my writing window in another window.

But if I use separate projects then does it create syncing issues? Or should I just make a separate project holding all the research elements?

This isn’t possible at the moment, short of expanding the project window to fit over two screens (definitely best using a vertically split editor!). We have plans to provide dual monitor support such that you’ll be able to work with one monitor in full screen and have the main project window open on the second screen; also down the line you’ll have the ability to open a document in a separate window, which you could then position wherever you wanted to better take advantage of two monitors.

You could certainly work with two separate projects if that seemed to offer more advantages than keeping all your material together in one. Some authors do keep a “research” project which they can reference from multiple other projects (I’m thinking mainly of some series authors who work this way, but I imagine there are non-fiction authors who do the same, drawing from the main pool to spawn different projects). You won’t have the same ability to link to and reference documents that you would if they were in the same project, but that may not be necessary for your methods.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “syncing issues”, so I can’t offer any guidance there. What are you syncing and how?

ooh I have dual monitors. That would be so helpful; any idea when that may come to be?

Hi MineticMouton, Thanks for the response. I eventually kind of figured it out on my own. It’s complicated, but I had the monitors to use together for this software but wanted to know if it was worth trying to use them because I had to reconfigure everything.

By using two monitors, I can stretch one window between them… it is a little bit of a pain setting it up and managing it, but I think I can make it work. It’s also a bit problematic using the inspector window because that messes up the alignment, but I don’t think it is too big of an issue.

Also, what I meant by syncing is what you were referring to… about how “You won’t have the same ability to link to and reference documents that you would if they were in the same project”

One thing I am finding problematic now (unrelated to dual monitors), is how when you import information, it doesn’t seem to include images from webpages and the Google Docs I was using to put a lot of research together in the past. Ilm not sure if I am doing it right though. Is this also an issue in the Mac version?

Hi all can I just beg for multiple monitors to be implemented SOON. I would like to have cork board on one and other editor on the other etc etc etc. I am hoping to get a third monitor up and running soon. Multiple monitors are a great way to run under Windoze…

Any thought on timeline???

OOOHHH… THAT would be so very cool. I’m also a dual monitor user. (couldn’t imagine working in Photoshop without it.)

I’d love to be able to see the corkboard with my images, or the timeline, or a mind-map in my 2nd monitor while I’m writing.

It’s not a MUST HAVE like the implementations in the most recent beta, but a very very nice addition…