Using elements from another Scrivener project in a new one

Here is my dilemna. A friend of mine started a Scriv doc which mine is based of off. Instead of altering his original Scriv file I want to do my own but use some of the elements that are in his. Is there a way to transfer elements from one project to another?

Depending upon what you mean by elements, you should be able to drag and drop Binder items between projects and get everything but labels and status carried over since those are both project dependent.

So basically, if I’m understanding you right, I just open both projects and drag what I need from his binder to mine? That’s a lot simpler than I thought it would be.

Yup, that’s it! You can also “Import” an entire Scrivener project from the File menu, but that will grab everything which may be more than you want.

I forgot to thank you for the VERY quick response. Also I just dragged everything I needed to my project. Again, I’m seriously stunned at how simple that was. I was expecting to need to import or something of that nature. As my fiancée says, the simpler things always confuse me… :blush: Thanks again.

Hi AmberV

I think I must be missing something simple here because I cannot get this to work as described.

I am trying to move a folder from one Scrivener project to another. I open both projects as described but I cannot seem to get the folder to drag and drop. I can grab it and drag it but it will not drop.

What do I need to do with the two project windows? I’ve tried making each occupy half the screen so that I can drag and drop between two active windows, but this doesn’t seem to work either.

Thank you

Make sure you’re dragging it into the binder - you can’t drop onto the corkboard or outliner, as the binder is currently the only place that deals with external files. Also, make sure you not dragging a folder or files that contain media files and trying to drop them into the Draft folder, which is text-only, of course.

Hi Keith

Thanks for your quick response.

I went back and tried it again and it worked exactly as you described. I have no idea what I was getting wrong the first time but now I know what to do. It is indeed very straightforward.

Thank you again.