Using Endnote for citations

I am new to Scrivener but liked the non-linear approach to writing. My writing is mainly technical and requires extensive citations as endnotes and collaboration with colleagues. Most of the people I collaborate with use Endnotes and that is the software I am most familiar with.
I looked at the suggestions in this and other forums and tried to follow them. I specified Endnote as my biblio software in Scrivener’s preferences, but Endnote does not launch from within Scrivener’s. I also tried to copy and paste a reference from my Endnote library. That inserted a ‘{ , #1}’, but this was not recognized by Endnote as a tag when I opened the compiled document in Word. Any suggestions on how to use Endnote with Scrivener. I do not have computing background, so I am looking for a simple solution.

Much depends on the current versions of your software: Mac OS, Scrivener, EndNote, and Word.
If possible, you should update to the latest available versions.
EndNote provides a plug-in for Word that links the two products.
For downloads, see
As for launching EndNote, be sure you have mapped its location in Preferences: General.
That is, click the Browse button, navigate to the EndNote application, and choose it.
See also the instructions in Scrivener Help, under Preferences - General
Good luck!

I used endnote for writing most of my thesis in scrivener. I just cut and pasted the reference into the text in scrivener. When the paper was done, I exported it as rtf/ word and then used the endnote menu to format the bibliography. I had no problems, and the fact that your endnote temporary citations did not show an author’s name suggests to me that there was something wrong in the data entered in endnote.
Anyway, I came across this extensive post on the Nisus forum regarding endnote that may be of some help.