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Hi all, I am new to Scrivener, I am an academic writer who uses the EndNote web version as the primary referencing tool which is linked to my MS Word through Cite while you write plugin. I tried to connect the EndNote web version to my Scrivener account but was unsuccessful in this endeavor, any advice on the same?
Thank you for your kind support!

Hi amerbitar. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:


Not sure it’ll work with a web based app, but as far as connecting to a citation/reference manager goes, that is what is available in Scrivener.
If there are other options, I never heard of them.

In case it doesn’t work, I guess the closest you could get to what you want (assuming I properly understood) would be to bookmark the web-app in the projects bookmarks to then use copy/paste :

→ The web app would then appear in the bottom section as if integrated in Scrivener.

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P.S. There is no such thing as a Scrivener account.

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Hello Amerbitar
My experience is with Scrivener and Endnote Desktop. I copy the reference from Endnote to Scrivener, e.g.: {Thaler, 2022 #8022}. Then, after I compile to rtf or docx format, I open the file in Word and use the Endnote (desktop) add-in in Word to build the reference list/bibliography.
According to EndNote online Help, you will be able to insert similar temporary citation delimiters from Endnote Web and then use the Endnote Web add-in you have in Word already. I am not sure how quick/easy that will be, however (versus the copy and paste I use).
All the best with finding a preferred workflow and your writing.

Just out of curiosity (I don’t use such tools as I have no real need for them rather writing novels), couldn’t you do all that at once? If using say comments, copying the reference to a new comment, then compile comments as endnotes ?

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Good question and that is possible. However I use the Endnote library as my “primary source” for up to date reference details. That means I only need to update them in one place and know that I am using the latest version that I have regardless of where I might choose to include the reference.
In addition, when the standards change (such as a not so recent move from AP6 to APA7) or when publishing to different places that require different bibliography/reference list details, I can use the power of Endnote (or similar - I tried both Mendeley and Zotero at different stages) to add/delete/rearrange different pieces of information.
Some seriously successful academics I know do all of this by hand. That is not for me - the memory doesn’t do that well.

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Makes sense.
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